About Us
Family owned and operated for over 50 years!

Jacobson's Cottages date back to the 1930's and was owned and operated by the Jacobson family until 1964. At this time, the motel was purchased by John and Thelma King, school teachers from the nearby town of Cut Bank, who were seeking a summer vocation. They decided to keep the "Jacobson's Scenic View Cottages" designation as the business was well established by then.


Over the years, the once quaint cottages underwent major renovations. The office/residence and washhouse were demolished and replaced by two A-frame structures. Cottages, one through eight, were removed and replaced with new units built on cement pads replete with microwaves, mini-refrigerators, carpeting, electric heat and modern tub/shower bathrooms. Cottages, nine, ten and eleven, were completely gutted and remodeled. Cottage twelve was also built to provide additional rental space.


With a new century beginning and John and Thelma approaching their eighties, they decided to sell the business to daughter, Suzanne, and her husband, Jeff. Over the last eleven years, Suzanne and Jeff, along with their son, Clint, have continued to make improvements and have strived to maintain the same level of cleanliness and services that the motel has come to be known for.


We provide lodging for people from all over the world. The response we get from our guests is universal. Glacier National Park is truly one of the most incredible places to visit anywhere on earth.

The owners, after having spent many enjoyable summers operating the business, have decided it's time to retire.

We are putting Jacobson's Cottages up for sale or lease, if a sale is not possible in the near future. Any interested buyer can contact us at 1-406-873-4695 or 1-406-226-4422. We'll be happy to answer any and all questions from anyone seriously considering a purchase.

Owners: Jeff and Suzanne Anderson
Manager: Clint Anderson